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Dry Waste Services

We Offer a Range of Dry Waste Services 

Trade Waste



We provide 240, 660 and 1100 litre lockable Euro Bins for account customers only.  240 Euro Bin can be used for glass and plastics.  660 and 1100 can be used for general waste, dry mixed recycling or several on site can be used as separate recycling containers for paper and cardboard. 


Open and Enclosed Rear End Loader (R.E.L Skips)


The rear end loader compaction vehicles of which we now have three of in our fleet and gives us, the ability to service far more customers in a day than a normal skip or roll on off vehicle.  


This vehicle can empty several containers at the customer’s premises, compact the waste and leave the emptied containers on site.


It has the capability to lift and empty several different types and sizes of containers.  By designing scheduled routes of similar customer requirements, the REL, can be used to uplift DMR consisting of bags of recyclable material, such as polythene, packaging and wrapping, plastic drinks bottles, metal drink cans, cardboard and paper in the same container on a different collection run.  We also have glass only collection running from Aberdeen to Peterhead.  


Corridor Bins


We sell bins to offices for waste recycling, these keenly priced good quality plastic colour coded office bins are sized to accept our clear DMR plastic sacks, this enables specific recyclable materials as per the AMS recycling standard to be kept separate but legally placed in a single external DMR euro cart.  We have a 7.5 tonne curtain side lorry available for DMR collection, delivery of corridor bins, euro bins and pre-arranged special collections. 

corridor bins and 660.jpg

Farm Waste

Farm Waste/Farm Plastic


From 1st January 2019, SEPA will enforce the ban on burning most types of agricultural waste on farms.  From this date on all farmers are required to arrange for the wastes they produce to be managed and disposed of legally.  


We can dispose of all your farm waste including:-

  • black plastic, 

  • bale wrap/netting  

  • spray cans 

  • fertiliser bags

  • feed bags

  • mineral buckets/lids

  • baler twine


No need to separate the waste we will do it for you.  We will issue a valid duty of care waste transfer note on disposal.  

Green Waste

Green Waste/PAS 100 Compost


The company accepts in Green waste from local contractors, landscape gardeners, park departments etc, for green waste, composting to the PAS 100 standard.  The composted green waste is monitored for temperatures and moisture content during the 12 week process, it is turned weekly and screened using on site plant and equipment prior to being sold to be used on local farms as a soil enhancer.  QMS (Quality Meat Scotland) has also recently allowed the use of PAS100 certified composted green waste as a bedding material for livestock within its Cattle & Sheep Assurance Scheme.


Our PAS 100 compost is made from only specific types of green waste and there is no food waste or animal by-products handled at our facility. 



The Companies Reclamation Centre has only recently been activated and hence presently the main material available is substantial quantities of granite.


We have a large quantity of granite available including dressed stones, lintels and sills of varying sizes for re-sale.  Full loading facilities available at our site as is viewing by prior arrangement. 

3rd Party Tipping

We have also constructed custom-built van empty bay, again to ensure that all our local tradesman minimise their lost time so they can just (Quick empty and away) and return promptly and safely to their job in hand, several of our local tradesmen have already praised this and have enthused about the benefits of a SAFE quick empty and away

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