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Skip Hire Services

We Offer a Range of Skips from domestic to industry. 


Mini Skip

Suitable for low volume waste projects

Small and Convenient)

  • Capacity  3-4 cu yards ( 2.5 – 3.5 cu metres)

  • Approx  35-45 Black Bags

  • Height  3’2″ (0.97 metres)

  • Length  6′ (1.83 metres)

  • Width  4’3″ (1.29 metres)

Builders Skip

Suitable for Domestic
or Business

(Most popular Type)

  • Capacity  6-8 cu yards (4.6 – 6.1 cu metres)

  • Approx  65-85 Black Bags

  • Height  4′ (1.22 metres)

  • Length  12′ ( 3.66 metres)

  • Width  5’6″ (1.68 metres)

Large Skip

Suitable for Domestic
or Business

(Suitable for very bulky Items)

  • Capacity  12 – 14 cu yards (9.2 – 10.7 cu metres)

  • Approx  180-210 Black Bags

  • Height  5’3″ (1.6 metres)

  • Length  13’8″ (4.2 metres)

  • Width  6′ (1.84 metres)

roll on off skio hire aberdeen.png

Roll, on, off (Hook Lift)

A&M Smith operates roll on offs vehicles which service the full range of rolonoffs or hook lift containers widely used by the construction industry as well as commercial, industrial waste and wood producers.


20 cu yd easy load open rolonoffs are available for soils rubble, dense wastes or the delivery of Type II sub base. 


30 & 40 cu yd open & enclosed Rolonoffs for bulky/timber wastes excluding soils or rubble. 


We also provide 30 and 40 Cu yd compactor rolonoffs boxes for static compactors and also are used for segrated cardboard, waste papers and plastics.

Note: this type of container is only suited to being set down off road, in a reasonably sized and accessible yard or compound. 

We now have a 7.5 tonne curtain side lorry which is available for collection of pallets, electrical goods, special and hazardous waste.   


Never hired a skip before? This should answer all your questions.  

If not, then give us a call on 01224 780649.


Do I need permission from the local authority when hiring a skip to sit on the road?

Yes, and we do this for you.  The council will charge a small fee which is added to the price we charge you.  The issue a street permit which is valid for 7 days.


How do I know what size of skip I will need?

You can call us for advice or refer to our size guide below.


Where can the skip be left and what if room is tight?

We will leave your skip in the most convenient location which might be the driveway or on the road.  They can also be at businesses, office and factory locations. 


Do you offer a waste disposal service for builders and contractor?

Yes we do as we are a licensed and registered waste recycling company.  


What if I cannot get a permit?

If your council refuses a street permit – which is rare, we can come along with a skip and our driver will wait while you load.


How long can I keep the skip for?

Normal period is 6 days.


How much can I put in the skip?

You must not load the skip to a level higher than the top.


Is there anything I cannot put into a skip?

Asbestos, batteries, tyres, fridges, freezers any electrical goods i.e. TV, stereos or any hazardous or liquid wastes are not allowed to be loaded into the skip. 


Plasterboard Recycling


We offer a full service to enable separate as well as segregated collections of plasterboard.  Through a separate skip or roll on off, and also through the provision of plasterboard only builders bags.  This is now a legal requirement to keep the plasterboard separate from other wastes to prevent it being sent to landfill.

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